Gender Reveal

Our Gender Reveal was so fun, we had never done one before. At first I couldn't decide if I should find out at the ultrasound or gender reveal. At my ultrasound, my sister and son were with me since my husband couldn't make it. I decided then it just didn't feel right to me if I knew and my husband didn't. It would be so hard to keep that from him. The Sonographer gave my sister the ultrasound with the gender and put it in an envelope ;) I'm so glad I waited to find out together. We invited our families and friends nearby. Parties are hard because we have such a big family and friends but we wanted to keep it small since our house is pretty tiny. I didn't have a set theme, we just threw it all together with our small budget. We decided on our reveal a while ago so after my ultrasound appointment, my sister ordered our reveal for us and kept our secret for about a week without telling anyone. I don't know how she did that but she did a great job. We didn't have any games but we had everyone take a guess on their gender by giving us name suggestions, which was super simple and fun! Any guesses??? I was thinking it was a boy only because almost everyone in our family wanted a girl. My husband was convinced it was a girl. My son wanted a boy so badly. He had already told his teachers and friends that it was a boy. Let's just say there were a lot of girl names in the bowl, so come to our suprise...

IT'S A BOY!!!!!


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