Day off

When you have a day off, do you ever feel like there's not enough time in the day?! I have this anxiety where I feel like we're not going to have a good day if we don't leave early in the morning, if there's not a plan, if we don't get everything prepared to leave on time, if it's too late in the day then we won't get to enjoy the day as much. With our schedules, there's only so many days where we have days off together. Sometimes I need to just let that go and let it be, I stress myself out thinking that way. I worry too much about having the day be perfect with my family that I am not actually enjoying the moment. 

This weekend was filled with spontaneous moments with my loves and it was exactly what I needed to let that anxiety go. Friday, my sisters, Lennon and I spent that evening in Santa Cruz visiting a friend that lived down the street from the beach, and my son loves the beach. He said "beach, beach, beach" the whole way there. I almost decided not to go because we left around 3:00P.M. which meant we wouldn't get there until 4:30ish. Then I thought to myself if I stayed home I would have just been cleaning plus I'm already in the car I can't turn back around! I'm so glad we didn't because Lennon didn't care that it was dark and cold, he still got his little feet wet! I am convinced we need to live near the beach now! The next day I spent my morning in class, and during class it started to rain! Then I thought, "Oh no! Maybe we shouldn't go anymore!" My boyfriend and sisters were meeting me out here after class and we had exactly two hours before the place closed down! We went to Happy Hollow park and zoo anyways and got there in time to pet goats and, go down the big slide where my boyfriend got his butt wet haha, and rode mini roller coasters. My son loved it, it was pouring rain and he was riding all the rides. At one point, my boyfriend said "$12 bucks each was worth it" even if it was a couple hours, we all had so much fun in the rain. The rain made it more fun. 

Mother nature reminded me that you can't let the rain get you down, just breathe and enjoy the ride, even if it is a kiddie roller coaster. My cheeks hurt so much from seeing my son smile and laughed so hard. Those moments just make everything worth it.


  1. I stress out about this too! But it looks like it worked out a lot better then it does with all the stress of planning! And you guys got some great pictures as well :)

    1. Aw right! Its so hard not to! thanks I did remember to grab my actual camera lol!


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