Hiking with toddlers

There's been so much sunshine lately that I wanted to take my son out else where than the park. I personally love hiking. It is hard to hike any strenuous trails with toddlers but there's a lake near by that had wide open trails for them. My best friend and I took our two little boys on a fun hiking adventure that was fun and safe for them. First the boys were so excited they started booking it down the trail which scared us because I didn't want them to fall off the side. My son is pretty fearless. He just kept running.We tried to have him hold Mason's hand but that only lasted so long then they both started running! I brought my stroller so we switched off the kids in the stroller if one of them got tired. We hiked until we decided to stop by the water where the boys were throwing rocks into the water. Lennon wanted to grab the biggest rocks to throw into the water and Mason wanted to throw as many as he could all at once. It's these moments between these two just reminded me how fun being a little kid is, there's no worries or fears. As moms, we do that all for them haha. We could have been there all day throwing rocks but eventually we all got hungry.

Both of us packed a lunch to share(which I didn't get to take any pictures :/). There is a huge grass area with tables but we laid a blanket on the grass and had a picnic. Yuko brought the cutest picnic blanket that folded up and was plaid on one side. I need to get one of those. It was such a fun day for us. Going on an adventure does require a little preparation but not much. Lennon wore a light long sleeve shirt with light sweat pants so he wouldn't get too hot. 

Here is a list of my hiking essentials for my little one. 

*extra shirt and shorts 
*plenty of water 
*hand sanitizer 
*baby wipes 

Thankfully food was a combined effort which I am so glad we did because it would have been a lot to carry so we split bringing all these items. 

*Roast beef sandwiches
*cut watermelon 
*green grapes 
*juice boxes 
*laughing cow cheese 
*Babel cheese 
*homemade Mediterranean quinoa salad 

I can't wait to go on more little hiking adventures :) 

I made this fun little video. It is pretty short and sweet just like these two :) 


  1. Looked like such a beautiful day! I am definitely going to have to take the kids. Love your list of things to bring with for the kids! I always seem to forget something important! Lol

    1. Your kids will love it! Go early before it gets way too hot because there's not a lot of shade on the actual trails. I feel like I forgot something on the list I wrote but that's all I could remember haha.


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