Secret to Happiness

Exciting news that I am on my last year of college. I'm finishing an assignment for class and all of this is in my head. It has been one long journey. Sure I can dwell on some things like how long it's taken me. But that kind of thinking just makes me unhappy. This last class definitely stood out to me and there was one idea the Professor gave to us that made so much sense to me in my life. I wish I could tell him how much this helped my perspective but I want to share with you first. 

"Happiness is not a function of what you have. It results from comparing what you have to some imagined alternative." 

Honestly I have been kicking myself in the butt for those "imagined alternatives." It made me really unhappy for quite a while. I kept saying to myself and others how I feel "stuck." It wasn't until I was sitting in class, realizing I was making myself unhappy thinking this way. I haven't been appreciating what I have. Of course, I want to travel, and move out from where I live, and find a career, but I am progressing and living. I am not where I want to be but I am moving in motion to get there. I guess it's the process. I feel it has taken me so long to finish college. Society makes me feel like we have this time line everyone needs to follow which is graduate high school, go straight a four-year college, then find your career, be married, have kids, in that order and then you'll be happy. For me, life didn't happen that way not because I was failing at life but because I wanted to move at my own pace. Everyone has their own pace. I don't feel anyone should put down anyone for moving at their own pace. I'm at that age where half my friends have kids and others don't. There is nothing wrong with me having a child before I finish college and there is nothing wrong my friends to not have kids. We are all at our own pace. I feel the more people realize the more we are less judgmental towards everyone else. 

Wherever we all are at our lives, whether you are still in college or have graduated, or have kids or no kids, traveling, or not traveling, married, or not near being married, we are all LIVING! 

I am close to finishing my goal of getting my degree, and raising my two year old with my lifetime companion of almost 10 years. Sure we're not married yet, I don't have my dream job or dream house or whatever yet but I am LIVING. I am working towards all of that. I don't have it all, but I have everyone I need in my life to support me. I have amazing friendships and close relationships with my family, that I only hope I am there for those that need my support. I am happy for you wherever you are in your life. Don't let your LIFE "status" define your happiness. It is who you are as a person and the people that you surround yourself that matter. 

BAM!!!! There's my life lesson, my friends. Happy Wednesday. Now go live your life for YOU :) 


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