Getting Clearly Creative

Happy Monday! Am I the only one happy it's Monday?! I worked this weekend therefore this feels like my "Saturday morning." Today will be filled with laundry and staying my pajamas :) Over the weekend, my sister Melissa came home from college. She had this grand idea with our Clearly Creative Escential jar holders from Partylite. We love finding new ways to decorate our holders. This DIY is so simple and inexpensive, it will add so much character to your space! It only takes minutes!!!

TA-DA! She put her Cucumber Ginger Mint Escential jar candle in hers.

Pour in the sand and rocks.

Add succulents and flowers. Then top with your favorite Escential Jar.

I love this on top of my shelf! You can get these beautiful Clearly Creative Escential jar holder here or earn them for FREE through me, of course ;) 


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