Maternity photos at 25 weeks

I am so terrible at scheduling photo sessions. When I was pregnant with my first, I booked mine so late. I took my maternity photos probably 2 weeks before Lennon was due. This time, I literally booked this 2 days before the session. The photographer, whom was also our wedding photographer, was doing mini sessions at the almond blossoms. They came out so beautiful. I loved loved loved them. I am about 25 weeks, so I had my baby bump, and not swollen yet. As for my dress, I literally asked to borrow my junior bridesmaid dress and it BARELY fit! I tried to wear my sister's bridesmaid dress from my wedding but that definitely did not fit. I tried really hard to get all my makeup glam, I went all out like with lashes and baking powder, not like cooking baking powder but makeup baking powder LOL. Did you know about baking your under eyes? Yeah it is a thing and it is the best discovery made on youtube make up tutorials because anything to cover my bags! I honestly am so happy I made the last minute decision to take these photos because the second trimester is my favorite. I was feeling great and still had a baby bump, not swollen or uncomfortable like I am in my third trimester. I hope you enjoy our photos as much as I am obsessed with them :) 


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